Can’t Hear Me Now? How To Identify Cell Tower Sites To Improve Your Signal

Dead zones with cell phones are something everyone has to contend with at one point or another. If you have problems making a call or hearing someone on the other end of the line, you can increase your signal and make the situation better. All you have to do is locate a cell tower and get closer to it.

What a Cell Tower Looks Like

If you are like any other member of the public, you probably cannot identify a cell tower site from a high voltage power tower. That is okay; it is not your job to recognize these things.

However, if you desperately need to boost your signal and make an emergency call, you should look for:

  • A tower structure on top of a commercial building
  • A tower that looks like an electrical tower but is much shorter in stature
  • A tower that has lots of strange vertical tubes and connecting wires all around its top
  • One or no wires connected to the top of the tower and stretching to another tower in the area (no wires means the towers are operating independently and/or without electricity)
  • A low-fly zone warning light sticking straight up out of the very center of the tower

In fact, most cell towers are very odd-looking things indeed. They look like a marriage of an oil derrick and an electrical tower. You should be able to spot them more easily and readily not that you know what to look for.

Getting Close Enough to Strengthen Your Signal

So, how close is close enough to a cell tower? Most towers have quite a long range, but if you are in the middle of nowhere and you need an ambulance right away, you should get within a few short miles of a tower for the best signal reception. If you are not getting a strong enough signal, move a little closer to the tower. If your signal is still not enough, you may have walked or driven far to get close to a dead tower (which can happen as not all towers are fully functional all of the time).

Rectifying a Weak Signal or the Lack of a Signal 

Of course, it does help to take a few extra minutes prior to departing your home to look up cell site display services. These services display maps of fully functioning cell towers and exactly where the towers are located. If you have this vital bit of information, then you can head in the direction of a cell tower you know is working in order to get the help you need.